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A 16 & 17 year old Lucian, finding an excuse to be in London during the summer holidays, laboured on building sites in Kingscross and Angel. Scrawny but bold, he introduced himself to the developer, surrounded by his entourage of suits, on his monthly site visit. 5 years later, creased business card in hand, a history masters in Edinburgh concluding and a lunch later Lucian was employed by the same developer.


Aged 27 Lucian was a land & development director at the Berkeley Group with 6am meetings with the late Tony Pidgley and leading a stellar land & development team. Amidst the tense months of the Financial Crisis fall-out, one October morning, Lucian swopped his suit for a hoodie. To the bafflement of many, he joined a line of 18 years olds to matriculate on a Part I Architecture degree.


Following a first class honours and a nomination for a RIBA President's Bronze Medal, Lucian continues this interest as an informed client and as a guest critic at Central St Martins and University of Westminster.

This unique background means Lucian's approach as a developer and developer manager is dynamic. Joining the dots from A-Z, unseen development site to new place, brings an ability to adeptly handle complexity - deal making, partnership structures, planning & urban design, funding, risk management, construction, and so on.

The output of this knowledge, skill and experience is the creation of beautiful and increasingly lower carbon buildings and public places. Delivering sustainable financial returns to Otterlo's partners and meaningful social and communal returns to the neighbourhoods in which Otterlo works.

Lucian lives in a Camden neighbourhood, akin to the communities Otterlo works in, with his wife and his two boys. London is his canvas; for family, work, play, for life.

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